Founded in 1863, CAMUS is the largest family-run, independent Cognac House today, owned and operated by the Camus family for five generations. 

The express its philosophy, the House of CAMUS asked Carré Noir agency to redesign its strategy and brand image.

Carré Noir has imagined 6 iconic visuals to illustrate the extreme refinement of CAMUS cognacs. Each one, in its own way, represents « AN INSTANT OF INTENSITY » – the consequence of a series of perfect and balanced tasting notes. Bursting out of the bottles, as if suspended in time and space, these aromatic notes are a vivid yet subtle expression of the four-leaf clover, of « Golden Flower » – a symbol of unequivocal know-how.

The brillance of the alchemy revolving around each bottle contrasts with the deep satisfaction that the visuals inspire. Soon to be released all over the world, these designs will be an invitation to discover AN INSTANT OF INTENSITY of CAMUS cognac aromas.

Camus cultivates a passion for exceptional cognacs, using a patented, bespoke distillation process whereby the « heads » are extracted and tasted liter by liter, and a small portion of them – highly concentrated in aromas – are reintegrated into the heart of the distillate to produce Intensely Aromatic Cognacs. 

This method, unique to the House, creates flavor-rich cognacs, making CAMUS the most awarded cognac brand by international juries.