Carré Noir rebrands France’s most iconic and popular beer: Kronenbourg. The project includes the global brand identity, its typography and a new symbol based on Kronenbourg’s long heraldic history. Design includes all graphic assets and brand territory for communications, print material, bars, digital, packaging and key products such as the iconic Kronenbourg glass and bottle.

The symbol has various treatments for differents sizes and applications. From signage to print material, embossed and / or silk-screened on glass, to simplified versions for the smallest situation such as caps, merchandising and digital apps. 

The Kronenbourg typography is a gothic typeface, in line with the historical background of eastern France in Alsace and has always been in integral part of the Kronenbourg brand. We straightened and strengthened the line work to give more power to the lettering, adding readability and impact. A gold extruded outline brings more beer cues to the logo. 

Kronenbourg is synonym of the red and white checker. It has been connected to the brand since its creation in 1947. The red and white checker is also part of the symbol used to shape the coat of arms. On all on trade merchandising and branding, the red and white switches to a double red checker for a darker atmosphere.

Kronenbourg 7.2 is the brand’s higher degree beer. More intense, colors turn black and gold for an even more powerful beer experience.