The Brand
Carré Noir rebrands Nestlé's international coffee capsules system: Nescafé Dolce Gusto. Design includes all graphic assets, brand territory and content for packaging and communication at the world level. 
Packaging Design
The new packaging re-affirms the brand codes and instills a touch of humanity into the brand. One which will not be embodied by a single ambassador, but will rather provide the brand with the appeal of a coffee shop or "atelier".
Single Origin Packs
The Single Origin range draws a solid link between a single origin coffee and the visual cues of its country: Beyond coffee, a journey. 
Creativity, the brand's DNA, is also at the heart of machine and accessory communications with campaigns where the design is highlighted.
In addition to branding and packaging design, we create specific communications for special events, launches and celebrations (valentine's, Christmas) etc...  
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