For the past 3 years, Carré Noir has worked hand in hand with Harrys in setting a new graphical tone to their entire product offer. April 2018 marks an important milestone in the process, with the launch of a brand new design for three star members of Harrys’ core range: American Sandwich, 100% Mie and Extra Moelleux.
Nurtured by their ambition to be “Good for You, Good for the Planet” (GYGP), Harrys drastically improved their recipes and manufacturing processes in order to reaffirm their position not only as an ambassador for uniquely soft bread, but also as a leader in developing products of exceptional quality.
Having nothing to hide, this major turning point is at the heart of our redesign, whose dominating transparency proudly and confidently reveals the packaging’s content.
Each range is characterized by a label echoing the shape of its product, as well as a font embodying the specificity of its story. Simple yet sharp and impactful, the product labels strive to focus on the essential by keeping any superfluous information out of the picture.
The result brings a bold, dynamic and much needed breath of fresh air into their product offer, which hadn’t changed for close to ten years.
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